Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beautiful Mind review

The movie Beautiful Mind was an extraordinary film from beginning to end. The main topic of the whole movie was at first confusing but interesting in some way. In this film actor, Russell crow, is a mathematician that is hallucinating many events that occur to him. He creates three characters in his mind that seem to be real. The way that he creates these characters in his mind seem so real that they don't create any doubtful thoughts. John Nash, the main character of the movie seemed to always be lonely. Even though there was a point in the movie that his insanity was so high that placed him in a mental institution. His wife Alicia Nash, and their son's life was in danger because of what his imaginary "friends" as he called told him that they were in danger.
His insanity didn’t overrule his genius intelligence. As, difficult as it was for him to learn to live with those characters he had created I his mind he managed to be able to be around society and behave as if he was normal. He became a professor at Princeton University and was able to reach one of the most prestigious positions a professor can receive. John Nash is a formal Nobel Prize winner because of the theories he has developed. 
John Nash’s insanity, genius, and madness were incredible in this film in which it showed how insanity can drive you to madness and make you do things that you would of never done if all your five senses were in your right sense of mind.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dodgson in Wonderland By Joanna Richardson

In "Dodgson in Wonderland" by Joanna Richardson it is described how Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, more commonly known as Lewis Carroll, came up with the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a summer day as he was rowing a boat with three girls, Lorina, Alice, and Edith.  Many of the events of the book were what he related to his childhood, events of his life and Alice Liddell. Many points of the story such as the rabbit hole and the white rabbit were things he had seen. The whole that Alice falls in to is the one that Dodgson identified with from his grammar school. Also when the caucus-race happened according to Richardson, Lory was Lorina Liddell eaglet was Edith Liddell the duck was Robinson Duckworh and dodo was Dodgson. The Cheshire cat could have been Dodgson as well because he was a Cheshire man. Every character of the story happened to be someone in either Dodgson’s life or Alice. There was alos some proven fact that Alice Liddell was seven and half year old at the time. The idea of Through the Looking Glass came from one day asking Alice in which hand she held an orange and she had it in the right then he told her to look in the mirror and tell him in what hand did the “little girl” had the orange in and she answered that in the left hand. The Red Queen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Alice’s life was Miss Pricket, the governess of Alice and her sisters. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were fairly similar and both held memories from hisb childhood and people he once came across in his life.