Monday, March 14, 2011

About Me

My name is Veronica Sierra, I'm the first of my family to go to college. I have an older brother which makes me the youngest.I am 18 yrs old. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I have always been not perfect but good student. I am presently attending Laguardia Community College, I'm majoring in Liberal Arts because I'm still undecided of what exactly it is that I want. I'm debating among three possible careers,criminal justice,psychology,and bussiness management and administration. I'm interested in criminal justice because I have always enjoyed the fact of figuring out the crime reasons. Psychology has become more of a recent interest to me because I have found interest to find out what goes on in the human brain. Psychology has some type of connection to criminal justice because to find out the reason of why a person commited a crime there has to be some figuring out of what is happening in the mind. Bussiness management and administration has also been of my interest because I have always wanted to have my own bussiness and thought that it would be a great career. As of now I believe that im inclining more towards psychology but I still have some time to make a final decision. The Imagination and Reality cluster will help me expand my creativity and think outside the box. I'm very in to usic and feel that i would be incomplete if i didn't have music. My favorite type of music is rap, house and spanish music. I also enjoy watching movies, my favorite type of movies are action movies that involve a lot of killing and blood, and ofcourse comedy movies. I love to party and spend time with my family and friend. In other words I love to have fun and enjoy my time to the fullest.

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