Monday, May 9, 2011

George Berkeley's immaterialism theory

George Berkeley his first theory was first called Immaterialism and later became known as subjective idealism. The theory denies the exisistence of any materialistic objects such as tables and chairs, this theory says that tables and chairs are notions of the mind of the perceivers. in other words they have to be perceived in order for them to exsist.
Berkeley's contribution to philosophy is his thorogh thought of perceiving all the things surrounding us and that they are nothing but ideas. This theory also relates to humans, that when we move our bodies it is only certain sensations we perceive. Berkeley began the use of  "notion" to replace "ideas" because he believed that "idea" was with regards to objects of refelection and notion is for the spirits.
Regarding God he believed that there are some other will or spirit that produces them referring to a sense of sight. He also mentions that there is nothing seperating man from God except maerial misconceptions.
In reagrds to the movie The Matrix I believe George Berkeley's theory had direct connectionsn to the movie when Neo goes and talks to the oracle and speaks with a little girl that is bending  a spoon and the girls says it isn't the spoon bending is you that is bending with it.

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