Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflection on Research

 Starting this semester I was terrible doing research and just writing in general. I did learn that when writing a paper you should always plan out the ideas that you have planned for the essay.  I will be using outlines more often and gathering research without procrastination. Doing research from the library has been very useful, and even though I really didn’t understand it in the beginning after using it quite a bit I fell more comfortable using it. I also, feel that after this class I will be more careful and try to stay on topic and not write about irrelevant topics in one essay.  This class has also pushed me in to incorporating quotes in my essays to support my ideas. The one thing I still feel I’m having a complicated time with is my works cited in MLA form. The citing confuses me and I would want more practice in it, but I feel that I do understand it better than when I came in to this class. Research in this class has also made realize that there is a lot of information out there for us to explore and learn from. Researching has also made me realize that all the information that is out to find, is not all accurate. There also some sources that are based on research done by other reader’s and their understandings. The writing process and good research are vital for a good accurate research paper. The MLA style is different from other forms of citing but it’s the most common.                                

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